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L’Heure de Vérité

L’horloge astronomique de la cathédrale de Beauvais


59,00 €

Les auteurs, membres de l’Association Beauvais Cathédrale, avec un grand enthousiasme, ont voulu rendre hommage à cet homme discret et généreux qu’était Auguste Lucien Vérité en présentant les étonnantes richesses de son chef-d’œuvre, l’horloge astronomique de la cathédrale de Beauvais. Olivier de Mercey, architecte, Jean Paul Crabbe, horloger, Christian Mangé, photographe, François Usquelis, documentaliste, Père Philippe Gruson, bibliste

Create ” An exceptionally beautiful and instructive clock for the believers”, was the aim of its clockmaker Lucien Vérité.
The purpose of this book on an unique astronomical clock is to replace it in the long history of timekeeping devices.
The authors present Auguste Lucien Vérité and his work, tell the surprising adventures the clock went through, its history, show how the architectural furniture and the order of the planet system carry a spiritual teaching.
A second part explains the functioning of intricate clockwork mechanisms, with beautiful designs made accessible by a master of the XXIrst century.

The purpose of the authors of this book is to give a living testimony of a secular culture and know-how achieving at the end of the nineteenth century, the same quality as their fathers, when building the cathedrals in tne Middle-Ages. This clock is a masterpiece of science and art, the result of the passion, of artists and craftsmen, and of the genius of this humble Beauvaisien named Auguste Lucien Vérité.

  • Format: 24 x 28 cm
    200 pages
    250 illustrations approximately
  • Binding: Bounded under laminated jacket