The House

Each of our books reflects a passion.

An art book compares with à counterpoint in music.

The superposition of two melodies distinct from each other but complementary is replaced in the art book by the interaction between its text and its images.

If no text is able to show à work of art, on another hand the sole vision of the reproduction of a work of art brings no enrichment of the mind, especially in à world where millions of pictures are displayed daily. The combination of both results in culture.

Our books are mainly about the arts in France and their sources. The authors are curators or searchers devoting their lives to particular subjects, and unpublished areas. Their work is our heritage, they contribute to the posterity of the artists whose work they bring to light.

We are at their service  through our page settings, à comprehensive iconography of the highest quality possible, printed carefully, on quality papers .

Ours books come out at a slow rythm. We publish them only when they are ready. Their perenniality and the pleasure of our readers and is our aim.

© Adrien Rebaudo