Paris, la quintessence du meuble au XIXe siècle

When I met Christopher Payne he used to say :

“For many years I felt that I was working alone in this field, an Englishman delving into French furniture history. There was little or no interest from French museums or academics, who were at the time concentrating on the “purity” of the eighteenth century or, as a complete contrast, the innovative era of the English Arts and Crafts period […]”

I was among those who grinned at the evocation of the 19th century. it is over. The beauty of Christofle, Fourdinois, Duvinage’s creations is stunning. Christopher Payne’s approach of the copies through the savoir-faire of Parisian makers, mostly unknown, convinced us to the point of dedicating five years to achieve this book. It is a discovery! Open it and be surprised…

Monelle Hayot