Jardins d’Histoire et sans histoire

de la comtesse de La Panouse


Lanscape architects who worked on the gardens:
Sir Harold Hillier (1905-1985),
Timothy Vaughan,
Alain Richert,
Adrien Fisher…

Annabelle de La Panouse devoted herself to her gardens. They represent three times of her life.

1. Thoiry where she restored the original gardens and created the Coral Garden, the Autumn Garden, the arboretum, the Long Bord, the Roses Hill, the White Garden, the Hortensias Allée and the rose garden, the Scents Garden and, with her husband, the gigantic labyrinth. Guided by Harold Hillier, Timothy Vaughan, Adrian Fisher and, for thirty years, Alain Richert, Annabelle plants in a constant way. She made root 35000 trees and bushes. Thanks to her, the future is guaranted.

2. The Colombier medieval Eden where Annabelle, drawing her sources from the medieval texts, created an enclosed garden of medicinal plants, campaign discoveries, period games and a labyrinth inspired by the Courtly love. Outside the walls, the walk illustrates gardens history’s evolution through the centuries.

3. A contemporary garden, a pure creation, the Quinta das Mil Flores in Sobreiro, Portugal. On the hills above Pedrogao Grande, her last garden is born from her running wild imagination in an all-year abounding flowering without any historical obligation.

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