Pavillons et Fêtes

sous l’Ancien Régime


Preface by Jean Feray

The pavilion is an architectural form in itself. Sometimes of simple appearance, these small structures housed the most beautiful sculptures, the most beautiful painted decorations, the most beautiful stuff to stage concerts, ballets, plays, games, entertainments. Then comes the surprise with the end of the pastoral, playful, unusual eighteenth century. The picturesque gardens populated with hamlets, rivers and caves where a crazy inventiveness reigns, on the edge of imbalance, characteristic of a society which, before tilting, offers a moment of perfection. This book paints a portrait of a society, in a very personal style, spiritual, indignant sometimes, but never disembodied, showing models to take for the holidays of today.

21.5 x 27.5 cm
300 pages
300 colour and black & white illustrations
Hardbound under laminated jacket
ISBN: 978-2-903824-21-1 39,00