The Turkish Boudoir

of Marie-Antoinette and Joséphine at Fontainebleau

Within ten years, Marie-Antoinette ordered the achievement, of two exquisite rooms in Fontainebleau, the Turkish Boudoir (1777), and the Silver Boudoir (1786). Two peaceful refuges allowing her to escape the laws of «Étiquette».

When Joséphine became Empress the craze for turqueries and chinoiseries, had not faded. Both a lover of Marie-Antoinette and of her style, she made hers the Turkish Boudoir emptied at the Revolution. She enhanced the luxury of the oriental atmosphere adding sumptuous and highly creative pieces of furniture, by the finest artists of her time. Mahogany, gilt bronzes, accompanied masterpieces of upholstery and curtains made of brocade, silk and gold. After a painstaking restoration, thanks to a French savoir-faire never lost, the graceful carved, painted and gilded panelings of Marie Antoinette’s boudoir are once again the setting for Joséphine’s luxurious furniture in an environment of rewoven textiles.

Nestled in a mezzanine of the ancestral château, the Turkish Boudoir offers an unique decoration.

20.5 x 27 cm
208 pages
220 illustrations

Edition of this book available in french

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