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François-Thomas Germain

Orfèvre des rois

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Preface: Gérard Mabille

François-Thomas Germain is son and grandson of the most famous king’s sculptors and goldsmiths and meets glory from the beginning of his career. He is a privileged goldsmith, stays at the Louvre’s galleries and provides all the courts in Europe. While the beauty of his chiselled creations still shines in Saint-Petersbourg and Lisbon, we still hear the echo of his bankruptcy. In his preface Gérard Mabille writes: “As a king’s goldsmith and sculptor [François-Thomas] knew how to create, following on from the rocaille style, unquestionable masterpieces before adopting precociously, as a real precursor, the forms of the dawning neoclassicism.”

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  • Format: 23,5 x 30 cm
    304 pages
    300 colour and black & white illustrations
  • Binding: hardbound