Laurent-Charles Féraud

peintre et témoin de la Conquête de l’Algérie

Soldiers and sailors have to master watercolours, a vital topographical technique in case of conflict. Their journeys are not leisure trips but missions. Around 1860 the conquest of Algeria hands over to pacification which favours contacts with the population. The Army of Africa needs men who can speak Arabic and Berber. Féraud does. Interpreter of the army, he becomes consul in Tripoli then plenipotentiary Minister in Tangier. The watercolours that he brings back with him are full of touching records and show a grand artistic quality. Landscapes, portraits, caricatures, intimist or genre sceneries, the Féraud’s log books present the everyday life between fightings and palavers. Féraud escorts the troops, observes with his artistic look, draws and paints the landscapes’ beauty, the human characters’ strength, the Berbers’ proud appearances. He gives life to assault scenes and caricatures some colonists’ disdain or then penpushers’ big stomachs.

24 x 25 cm
112 pages
116 illustrations
Hardbound under laminated jacket
ISBN: 978-2-903824-71-6 37,91