Le Jouet et la Mer

Histoire d’une collection


Photographs by Frédéric Remise

I love the sea… Without being a sailor, I love real boats, without ever having owned one that was mine alone… I also like toy boats, which charm me, make me dream, in short, console me, and without giving me the seasickness of having sailed too little!” Says Jac Remise, whose toy boats are moored at the musée de la Marine in Paris. This book is not a catalog of toys, nor a technical guide, but a book of memory and comparative history. It is rich with anecdotes about the forty years devoted to this collection and events that inspired the manufacture of almost all toys, illustrated by vintage images.

26.5 x 31.5 cm
408 pages
750 colour and black & white illustrations
Hardbound under laminated jacket
ISBN: 978-2-903824-57-0 39,00