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Légendes de Picardie

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Pagan legends prelude Christian legends. A giant from the banks of the Somme whose tears trigger a flood, a pup raised in a chatelaine, a Templar monk who forgets Time by following the song of a finch, the evil blue waters where rush men and beasts, a marvelous boat without sails or oars that crosses the seas and approaches Rue, Riquier de Centule, brother of men, trees and animals, who chooses to die in the great forest, Lucien de Beauvais who offers his head to Notre-Dame du Thil and whose drops of blood bloom in wild roses, a nonnette in Soissonnais who undergoes the call of the world and will be forgiven… are all timeless legends that cross the time.

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  • Format: 20,7 x 25,2 cm
    144 pages
    111 illustrations
  • Binding: hardbound