Le château de ma grand-mère

ISBN: 979-10-96561-13-1 15,00 

This book is a stroll in the Malmaison castle…

The six-years-old little prince who guides us in the castle has really existed. Louis-Napoléon has known this enchanting place and spent delightful moments there. His feelings, emotions, thoughts – told by close family who surrounded him during his stays – are staged and allow young readers to discover a refined art of living and a page of our history.
The little prince’s parents are Louis Bonaparte, Emperor Napoléon Ier‘s young brother, and Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter that Joséphine has had from her first wedding. Joséphine was Napoléon Ier‘s wife and owned Malmaison castle since 1814.

The prince Louis-Napoléon will become, thirty-eight years after the facts related here, the Emperor Napoléon III.

24 x 36 cm
80 pages
about 160 500 illustrations1