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Les Belles Centenaires de Picardie

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Old tradition, companies have established themselves in Picardy. Depending on its soil, sugar, flax, chemical or agro-food industries. Or its history. Colbert founded the manufactories there, tapestry to Beauvais, glass to Saint-Gobain. Louis XVI orders locks at Vimeu. The palaces of the Ancien Régime bring their trimmings from Declercq. La Brosse & Dupont supplies the leading cosmetics brands, Pochet du Courval makes flasks for great perfumers, Hubert de Givenchy establishes its perfume factory there; his preface shows his attachment to the region.

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  • Format: 23,5 x 28,5 cm
    160 pages
    180 colour and black & white illustrations
  • Binding: hardbound