Ébéniste de Napoléon

ISBN: 978-2-903824-55-6 75,00 

Pierre-Benoît Marcion is one of the major cabinetmakers who provided Napoleon. His pieces are widely exhibited in all the national palaces. He achieved to combine sparkling Central America mahogany with brilliant bronzes’ gold and leaf gilding on painted woods. The geometrical shapes of this furniture show a rigidity fortunately counterbalanced by the sculptures and bronzes with neo-classic symbols. Marcion is a talented and moderate artist, attached to accurate proportions, accomplished craft, meticulous, original and quite discreet decors. This book is the only one dedicated to this cabinetmaker who was one of the very firsts of his time.

23.5 x 29.7 cm
240 pages
350 colour and black & white illustrations
Hardbound under laminated jacket