Catalogue raisonné


Pierre-Yves Trémois’ catalogue raisonné is above all the compilation of an immense work that marked the twentieth century by the singularity of its writing. It is the testimony of a creation, always stamped with sensitivity, sensuality, questions about life, about Man through his certainties, his doubts, his concerns, his fragilities.
The book is also there to illustrate the eclecticism of his works, open to all supports and materials: paintings; preparatory drawings; monotypes; polished or patinated bronze sculptures; ceramics; goldsmith, gold, vermeil, pewter, sword, trophy, bracelets; countless medals, stamps, tapestries… And it is thanks to this multi-faceted work that the exceptional dimension of an outstanding artist is revealed, chapter by chapter, without any concession for the currents and the modes.

23.5 x 29.7 cm
544 pages
2900 illustrations
ISBN: 979-10-96561-02-5 170,00