Larissa Lockwood’s book, Feelings, is a collection of beautiful, intense and intimate poems. Larissa has been writing poetry since her teens and she shares with us her every day experiences and memories; feelings of joy and sadness, serenity and fear, anxiety and humour. Her poems explore issues such as love, depression, motherhood and loss. She captures images and thoughts with her words and illuminates issues we can all relate to.We accompany her on her life journey from teenager to womanhood and motherhood as she recollects the instances and emotions that have marked and shaped her life.
Her poems are illustrated by the well renowned artist, Trémois, whose drawings echo many of Larissa’s feelings. It is an illuminating and beautiful book of poems and drawings.

24 x 32.5 cm
104 pages
25 illustrations
Hardbound and sewn under cloth
ISBN: 978-2-903824-88-4 95,00