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Rinceaux et Figures

L'ornement en France au XVIIe siècle


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In co-edition with the Louvre Museum

Participated in this book:
Jacqueline de Lacroix-Vaubois, Alain Mérot, Sandrine Herman,
Bénédicte Renaud, Danièle Véron-Denise, Michèle Bimbenet-Privat,
Anne Kraatz, Enrico Colle, Thibaut Wolvesperges, Christine Aribaud, Christian Michel, Sophie Hache, Jean-Yves Hameline

Ornament raises many questions and drives us to define more precisely the artistic beauty conceived by the seventeenth century French. Sometimes the ornament applies to motifs related to a repertoire of the artist-decorator, sometimes it encompasses the very beauty of art, and extends to territories that touch the political, religious, social. To grasp its specificity makes it necessary to re-evaluate the place of painting in the arts system in the 17th century. From architecture to music, from furniture to cloth, to the great figures of the art of the Grand Siècle, this book calls to discover a vast and important field of art history of that time still too much little exploited.

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  • Format: 24,5 x 28 cm
    272 pages
    192 colour and black & white illustrations
  • Binding: hardbound