Saut de « Puces » à Saint-Ouen

avec Jean Bedel


We go to the flea market as we go to an extraordinary place, with the hope of discovering a piece of furniture that can not be found – and cheaply – or an unusual object that has never been seen before. It was between 1880 and 1890 that the flea invested, beyond the fields of the fortifications, the sidewalks of Saint-Ouen. They were born before they found their own name: “The Flea Market” – soon to be adopted worldwide. The fleas celebrated their centenary in 1985 and have not stopped jumping from century to century with merchants and bargain hunters ever more numerous. In 2001, the site of the Flea as a whole was classified as a historical monument, in a “zone of protection of the architectural, urban, and landscape heritage”.

12 x 18.5 cm
168 pages
45 illustrations
ISBN: 978-2-903824-82-2 27,00